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Volume 28, Number 2 September 1, 2008

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 In Celebration of Morris in America  

Kay Burkin Remembered
Graham Thomas

Kay Burkin, 1950-2008


Graham Thomas, interviewed recently in this magazine, wrote in to tell us of the recent passing of Kay Burkin, a member of Vulcan's Hammer. We mourn the passing of a friend to us all.

A great loss to the folk world; she'll be sorely missed.

Kay started her singing career in the mid 60s with a folk band called "Thatchers Phase Two", but that did not last very long. Although they had been singing together as various unnamed duos & trios for some time, Phil, Kay, Graham Thomas and Eddie Green coalesced into Vulcan's Hammer after Kay started going out with Phil. The rest, as they say, is history.

She was also a great lover of The Morris, and supported Hartley Morris Men for nearly 40 years. The side showed its gratitude by bringing forward its Ladies Dinner Night this year, to ensure that Kay would be able to attend for the last time.

Kay was admired by many for the unique quality of her voice, something that mystified her all her life. She enjoyed singing immensely, and in fact, sang almost up to her death on 19th May 2008, with her last public performance being at a Vulcan's Hammer reunion concert on 4th May 2008 at the famous Sweeps Festival in Rochester, England.

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