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American Morris Newsletter

Volume 25, Number 3
October, 2005

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Morris in America. 
Who knew?
The Marlboro Morris Ale at 30. Part III of III Tony Barrand
Memorial Day weekend, 2005, marked the 30th Marlboro Morris Ale held in Windham County, Vermont, the oldest American gathering of teams dancing some form of the Morris. Dr. Barrand asks whether there is truly an American Morris in this, the third and final part of his series.
Cartoon! Ethan Hay
Ah! The American Morris Dancer!
Review of video: Farmall Promenade "Square Dancing Tractors"  Richard S. Holmes
Nemaha, Iowa, population 120. Molly Dancing. Put the two together and what do you get?
Tew for the Road, part Tew
Duns Tew: The Beginnings. Part II of II  Tim Radford
In 1986, Tim Radford lead a workshop at Sidmouth Festival which re-created what the Duns Tew tradition might have looked like.
Duns Tew: Notes from a Channelled Cecil Sharp(!)  Cecil Sharp by way of Tony Forster (This article originally appeared in Morris Matters, v. 9 n. 1)
How CJS would have written up the Duns Tew recreated dance tradition.
Ed Stern
The Abram Circle Dance, Midwest Style 
Ed relates the story of the Midwest interpretation of the Abram Circle Dance, and provides notes on how to perform the dance itself.
Andrew Bullen
ROS Maps and Morris 
In which the author attempts to dispel rumors of madness by describing uses of Royal Ordnance Survey maps in Morris research.
Varia Atque Brevia
New Edition of The Pipe and Tabor Tutor Dick Bagwell
We shamelessly shill for Mr. B., a friend of this magazine. Hey, you should buy this book and learn how to play pipe and tabor! Every team should have at least one copy!

Sidmouth FolkWeek, 2006 -- Call for Papers  George Frampton
"Following the success of the Talks, Lectures and Discussions programme at the Arts Centre at this year's Sidmouth FolkWeek, it is envisaged that the same will be repeated during the week 4th-11th August 2006. This is a Call for Papers..."


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