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American Morris Newsletter

Volume 28, Number 1
May Day, 2008

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 In Celebration of Morris in America  

The Midwest Morris Ale
Dave Nichols

Midwest Morris Ale to be held May 23-26, 2008

The umpteenth annual Midwest Morris Ale will be held at Camp Catron, on the outskirts of Nebraska City, Nebraska, May 23-26, Memorial Day weekend. Prairie Waves Morris of Omaha will host. The Morris community is cordially invited. Contacts and details can be found (or will soon be posted) at Come relax at a beautiful site, or should you choose, dance 'til you drop in great company.

Personally (DHN), I'm a tree person and find the huge burr oaks at Camp Catron about as close as I'll come to Ents. They mumble in the night when the wind blows. An ultralow frequency recording device (like for elephants) might aid eavesdropping, but I haven't tried it. The second tree highlight is a grove of the biggest American Chestnuts you're ever likely to see, at the final mass dance site (Arbor Lodge) Sunday afternoon. Also, if you're into the history of the old west and are done with Lewis & Clark, just beyond bus tour range is Rock Creek Station State Park (Google for overwhelming detail). Good Oregon Trail/Pony Express stuff, plus if you enjoy murder/mayhem the station was the site of a 'fracas' pitting James Butler Hickok against the McCanles family. It was apparently a tacky affair, culminating in three deaths, but was the founding event in the early pulp fiction saga of 'Wild Bill' Hickok. Anyway, lots of quirky, blue highway stuff here abouts.

Final pitch then: plush tour buses, timely food, good beer (malt/root), mellow-to-manic people, located in the middle of nowhere, but on the way to everywhere.

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