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The American Morris Newsletter

April, 2007 -- Volume 27, Number 1


Steve Corrsin Hoisting On The Lock In America...In 1935?

The hoisting of someone, on a lock or platform of swords, as the climax of a sword dance, seems to be much in the air these days. In a nod to everything that's old is new again, Steve describes a 1935 sword hoist.

Tony Barrand Sword Dancing in the DVRA Part II -- Short Sword (Rapper)

What resources does the Digital Video Resource Archive at Boston University have? Dr. Barrand describes the resources available online in the DVRA.

Ivor Allsop The Morris Ring Archive

The Morris Ring Archive, its resources, and what it can do for you.

Lyndon Blaylock St. Louis & Cecil Sharp

...of Cecil Sharp, a tense May celebration, and Morris in St. Louis in 1916. Not to be missed!

Gitry Heydebrand Send in your registration!

An Invitation to the Midwest Morris Ale!


The Goddess Little Audrey Hits the Big Ale which Audrey Goodman Herself describes the glories and wonders of this year's CA Ale, April 13th through the 15th.

Ethan Hay A new and absolutely wonderful cartoon from Ethan!

Ethan gives us another winner!

Keith Chandler Images of "Old Teams"

Keith Chandler sends us photographs of traditional teams from the U.K.

The Editor From the Editor...

It's a safe bet that Dave Stryker has probably felt better in his life... Subscribe to Morris Matters... Send us money, for pity's sake!