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The American Morris Newsletter

April, 2007 -- Volume 27, Number 1


From The Editor...

Andrew Bullen

Dave Stryker

Our friend and colleague-- and I don't mean the "Our" in a Royal We kinda way, but in the sense of being a friend to us all-- Dave Stryker has been quite ill with cancer of late. He has undergone a course of Chemo and has been through a rough time. As you may recall, Dave Stryker is a person of some veneration at this magazine, and a personal friend and colleague.

Dave's friends (1000s of them that there are) and family have put up a CarePages page for him. Please visit him and leave him a message. I assure you, he gets and enjoys his messages!

1) Go to
2) Create a login ID and password
3) Visit page DaveStryker2006


Dave, May Day morning...


Morris Matters

Beth Neill, editor and publisher of Morris Matters, has been a great friend to this magazine. Please join us in supporting a fine Morris publication. Morris Matters is published twice a year (January and July).  Subscriptions are £6 for two issues (£8 outside EU countries); cheques/money orders payable to Morris Matters (sterling only please).

Morris Matters attn: Beth Neill
27 Nortoft Road
Chalfont St. Peter

Phone: 01494 871465

Beth mentioned, and I quote, "articles are always welcome!"

The Beg-a-Thon

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