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The American Morris Newsletter

July, 2007 -- Volume 27, Number 2


Announcement of the Master Mummers Website

Peter Millington

Dr. Millington-- a friend of this magazine and all around clever person, indeed-- has launched a new database-based/map-based resource that compliments his two previous efforts. This article is adapted from his new site's "about" page. Enjoy!

The Master Mummers website is the third folk drama website that Dr. Millington has created.

The first was a personal website - It holds a bibliography of his research publications, including full texts of many of the articles.

The second was the Folk Play Research website (, which originally was a spin-off from his PhD research and personal website. This became the website of the Traditional Drama Research Group (TDRG), and significant additions were contributed by other members of the Group. This website continues to hold extensive information resources, including a large collection of play scripts, a comprehensive links section, a large photo gallery, an online journal (Traditional Drama Forum), Ron Shuttleworth's web pages for the Morris Rings Folk Play Archives, and several research databases.

Peter launched the Master Mummers site because, he explains,

In technical terms, the Folk Play Research website was made up of static web pages, although most were generated from databases held on my home computer. This situation placed too much reliance on me personally and constrained participation by other contributors, and this approach would not have been sustainable in the long term. This website is now managed independently by the TDRG.

The Master Mummers Approach

The Master Mummers website - is intended to complement and supplement the Folk Play Research website. There should be no duplication of resources, except perhaps to revive a permanently defunct service, or where significant functional improvements can be made. The Master Mummers website will use the same policies as the Folk Play Research website, with any research articles being peer-reviewed.

The technical aspects are what make this website different from the others, in that it uses database technology to provide interactive searching and to display most information and maps dynamically. Furthermore, new resources are being built so that the information can be updated and managed wherever possible by several editors. The hope is that this approach will be more sustainable. Please contact Dr. Millington for further details, if you would like to participate as an editor.