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The American Morris Newsletter

July, 2007 -- Volume 27, Number 2


Rising Phoenix's 2007 Trip To England:
Photographs and Notes

Audrey Goodman


Rising Phoenix dances with St. Albans
at their local pub.

Bristol Morris Men.

RPM about to go into their "debut" display
dance Friday night of the festival.

Chippenham Morris Men.

RPM during their first stand Saturday morning;
guest muso Derek, presenting...

Alton Border Morris.

Somerset Ladies (Derek's home team)
performing with their antique stave poles.

Mortimer Morris (women's Northwest team).

Terry with new friends, Stone the Crows
Ladies border Morris

Hunter's Crow Morris.

My personal favorite, Brian ecstatically
running through the verdant fields of England,
happy to be home again.

Dancing in the rain.

Lining up for the Saturday afternoon parade.

A farewell pint with our wonderful guest muso, Derek.