American Morris Newsletter  

American Morris Newsletter

Volume 25, Number 2
July, 2005

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 AMN, Vol. 25, No. 2  

Our Photo Album

To celebrate our 25th volume, we're going to publish your American Morris photos throughout the year. Send them to us, along with your choice of caption -- Scenes from the 2005 Marlboro Morris Ale. Photos by Jenni Voorhees, captions by Alice Taylor, both of the Rock Creek Morris Women. 


David Roodman is my name. Levitation is my game.
(Bouwerie Boys)

Who's the fool now? John Mayberry spends half his fooling time dealing with Justin Morrison's "hat issues." (Toronto Morris Men)

Take THAT, Michael Jordan.
(Toronto Morris Men)

THE HORROR! Doug Creighton realizes the Toronto Morris Men are replicating themselves. (Father and son, Paul and Stefan Reid).

"They were first against the wall when the revolution came." And no wonder. (Members of Thames Valley International and Toronto)

Hey, you were right, sticks ARE easier to 
catch than bananas.
(Rock Creek Morris Women)

Not your average tour bus experience: Wee Jimmy Strickland's singing of "the pig song" inspires his fans to send him crowd surfing.

SOMEBODY'S reputation is gonna be ruined...
How good morris women go bad.
(Rock Creek foreman Aldona Joseph and team member Kathryn Long associating with members of TfMM)

And the call is: Fly like an eagle!
(Albemarle Morris Men)

Oh, grace and beauty!
(Marlboro Morris and Sword)

 AMN, Vol. 25, No. 2, July 2005  ISSN: 1074-2689