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American Morris Newsletter

Volume 25, Number 2
July, 2005

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 AMN, Vol. 25, No. 2

Letters, We've Got Letters!

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From: LKT, dated April 7, 2005
I just finished looking through the first Morris Newsletter online, and it is a magnificent production. The site is easy to use and tremendously well organized. Congratulations to the new e-editor, and to all who contributed to it. They can be deservedly proud!

From: Sarah Strong, dated April 7, 2005
Hello! I'm delighted to see the AMN on line! I think I must have let my paper subscription lapse at some point, so this is a very welcome alternative. My only suggestion at this time is that as you begin to develop the team directory, find some way to protect email addresses from spam.
(Ed. Note -- We have taken this into consideration and made it policy, across the site. All e-mail addresses that appear in the AMN will be in the form of <name> at <address>.)
Sarah also wrote:
I've just finished reading Tony Barrand's two articles in the new online issue of the AMN. I just want to say how much I appreciate both of them, as both personal history and history of the morris community in my part of the world. I'm looking forward to the other two parts of the Ale history.
From: Chris Berg, dated April 14, 2005
We have just heard about the AMN being revived and are glad to hear this. Other than the MDDL we don't get much of any other news other than Yahoo Morris, which is sporadic. As it is, we are struggling to keep up with Morris Dancing in Alaska and I must tell you that we are celebrating our 10th Year Anniversary this Year for Rant and Raven in Alaska. The next closest Morris Group that we know of is Vancouver Morris Men and we get to see them at the Northwest Folklife along with Misty City. It will be good to keep on up further issues and I may be able to dredge up a picture to send digitally of us dancing on a Glacier. 
(Ed. Note -- Chris very kindly wrote an article for this very issue about his team as a result of this message.)

From: Ed Stern, dated April 7, 2005
A personal request for Luddites like me, who seldom sit in front of their computers (may always be out dancing), and never look at a website just to see what's there: Could the Newsletter have a "notification" email list to let us know when a new issue has been posted? I would appreciate it beyond words. (Ed. Note -- Working on it! It will be a "one way" e-mail database; once a new issue is ready, you will get an e-mail notice.) 
From: Denise Kania, dated July 7, 2005

Just to let you know, there are some outstanding photos of Ramsey's Braggarts of St. Paul/MInneapolis to be found at

The best caper photos ever include and This [latter] one beautifully captures that energy when the set is formed before the dance starts. 
 AMN, Vol. 25, No. 2, July 2005  ISSN: 1074-2689