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The American Morris Newsletter

December, 2007 -- Vol. 27, No. 3


Stephen Corrsin European Sword Dances Descriptions and Sources

Kurt Meschke, one of the positive models in the field of sword dance scholarship between the wars, was very influential in folklore studies. The author describes his contributions to dance and folklore scholarship. Coming soon!

Tony Barrand Woodford Morris and Sword, Versailles, KY, 1975: a DVRA Time Capsule of American Morris and Sword

Happily, the DVRA is starting to receive archival footage from other sources. We look at one such archival film, Woodford Morris and Sword from Versailles, KY, 1975.

Andrew Bullen Early Record of the Town of Abbots Bromley

The early history of the town of Abbots Bromley, along with the deeds that founded the town and its entry in the Domesday Book.

Peter Millington North American Folk Play Groups

Dr. Peter Millington has teamed up with AMN to create an interface to his fabulous Master Mummers' worldwide Directory of Folk Play Groups to display North American groups.

The Goddess L.A. Comes To Chicago (and man, did we have a good time!) which Audrey Goodman Herself describes the glories and wonders of Rising Phoenix visiting the Windy City to tour with Pullman Morris and Sword.

Lois Kohler A Visit to the Colonies

Lois Kohler and her team, Wreckers Morris, is visiting Rhode Island in August, 2008. She is looking for teams to visit and set up a tour or two (or three). Can you help her out?

Dudley Laufman Two Poems

Come Along You Lucky Lads, Come Along
The Bampton Brigadoon