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American Morris Newsletter

Volume 25, Number 4
December, 2005

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 AMN, Vol. 25, No. 4, December 2005  ISSN: 1074-2689













Your beloved editors
Our thoughts 
25 volumes later, we're still at it.
Reflections of an Ex-Editor Jim Brickwedde
Jim reflects on his years as a Morris dancer and the future of Morris dancing.
Morris in Illinois
Morris in Chicago Andrew Bullen
Morris has been a part of Chicago since 1910.
Morris in Rural Illinois James Stevenson & Andrew Bullen
Rural Illinois saw its share of Morris performances as well.
The Chicago Morris Team, 1969-1971  Ed Stern
Ed generously shares his memories and photographs of the 1969 Chicago Morris team.
The University of Chicago Sword Dance  Andrew Bullen
A sword dance written for the Revels celebrations of the 1930s and 1940s at the University of Chicago.
Morris in America -- Background Reading
Cecil Sharp in America: Collecting in the Appalachians  Mike Yates
Originally published in Musical Traditions. (
The Introduction of Morris Into North America Jim Brickwedde
Originally published in the American Morris Newsletter, v. 10, n. 3.
Morris Dancing and America Prior to 1913 Dr. Rhett Krause
Originally published in v. 21, March 1991, and v. 22, June, 1992 of Country Dance and Song (
Pre-1980s Morris in North America Rich Holmes
Collected from MDDL notes, originally published online, and then reprinted for Morris Matters, v. 9.


Team Histories
Bells of the North, Minn./St. Paul, MN. Lynn Dennis
Deer Creek Morris Men, San Francisco, CA. Alan Winston & Dick Bagwell
Faultline Morris, Hayward, CA. Kate Bendick
Foggy Bottom Morris, Washington, DC. Jim Voorhees
Minnesota Traditional Morris, Minn./St. Paul, MN. Arthur Knowles

Village Green Morris Men, Winnipeg, Manitoba Daniel Stone


Varia Atque Brevia If your team is going to perform a ritual play this holiday season, by all means please visit and contribute to the extraordinary site at
Library Resources for Morris Research Mike Heaney & Andrew Bullen 
Two librarians, one from the U.K. and one from the U.S., describe how to use the resources of libraries for Morris research.

The Morris & The Revels George Emlen
The Revels, a mid-winter celebratory show, has always had a strong Morris contigent.

This article is dedicated to
John Langstaff, founder of the Revels, who passed away this December.
The Morris Dancer by G. D. Wilson Andrew Bullen
The 1878 sheet music, made live for your enjoyment!
Then Shall I See My Billy Again Tony Barrand
A personal history of the Marlboro Morris Ale, the newsletter, and departed friends
Evolution of the Morris Dancer Ethan Hay
In another fine cartoon, Ethan explores the debate of Intelligent Design vs. Evolution in the making of the species Homo Morriscus Americanorum.
Muddy River Morris Cynthia Whear
The history of Muddy River Morris and its struggles as a germinal women's team in the 1970s



Rochdale Morris
Rochdale Morris
Rochdale Morris in Rochdale, near Manchester in England, are hoping to host an American Morris team for their 25th Anniversary Rushbearing Festival on the 29th and 30th of July 2006. Limited accomodation (approx 20 - 25 people) will be provided, along with driven mini-bus for the week if anyone wishes to visit places of interest in the North West of England...also pick ups to and from the airport.

Rochdale Morris visited the Quakes and Ale Morris team in San Francisco 1991 and would love to show an American team the same hospitality...everything will be provided except flights.
Any teams interested should contact

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