American Morris Newsletter  

American Morris Newsletter

Volume 25, Number 4
December, 2005

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Our Thoughts On This Occasion

Andrew Bullen

It has been my honor and privilege to be able to be a part of something so grand as this newsletter. As the hackneyed expression goes, I stand on the shoulders of giants; as I digitize more and more back issues of the AMN, I realize how many of the greats of our Magnificent Obsession have contributed to the success of this publication. As the Executive Editor of this publication, allow me to express my sincere and humble thanks for your past contributions. You have written to us from all over the world, about all manner of subjects, and have made this publication what it is today. 

Morris in America is an old tradition. Just how old is a question that we will perhaps never know the answer to, despite the tantalizing glimpses of history. Certainly, our modern Morris has roots in the English revival, and co-existed with it at every step of the way. Consider this announcement in the Christian Science Monitor:

Christian Science Monitor, Sept. 24, 1914. p. 9.


Morris sprang up all over the United States and Canada, embedding itself in classrooms, settlement societies, and colleges. We are part of a long and proud tradition, aren't we?

Please enjoy the first 25 volumes of the AMN, and help us welcome in the first of the next 25 volumes! Our next issue, v. 26 n. 1, will appear in April, 2006. See you then.

Laurie Cumming

Twenty-five volumes and countless issues of published articles written by and for the Morris dance community is quite an accomplishment. If you are wondering as I was how it is possible that the AMN has managed to be resurrected and produce such an impressive output of interesting stories, consider this: we are a community of participants. We participate, as often as possible through our dancing, so it is no surprise that when we are asked to contribute to the silver anniversary issue of the American Morris Newsletter we come through with a bumper crop of engaging reports. 

I hope you will enjoy this latest issue and join me in celebrating the efforts of all of those involved -- most especially to dear Andy Bullen who consistently demonstrates the qualities of a great squire and terrific managing editor -- encouragement, dedication, and a wicked sense of humour.* 

* (I am a Canadian after all).

 AMN, Vol. 25, No. 4, December 2005  ISSN: 1074-2689