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American Morris Newsletter

Volume 26, Number 1
May, 2006

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The Morris Directory and Morris Wiki

Rich Holmes

Ed. Note-- We are working on integrating this site with the AMN, as well as working with Rich to set up an interface for your information. Stay tuned!

As an experiment, I've set up a wiki (a user-editable web site) for morris dancing topics at

Right now what's there is a list of morris teams and a list of non-team morris web sites -- intended as successors to my Morris Links site which, if this experiment seems successful, will become obsolete. 

The wiki software is the same as what's used for Wikipedia, so if you're familiar with that, you'll feel right at home.
There are all sorts of other possibilities for wiki content -- by all means, take a look, sign up for a user account if you like (you don't have to), and start contributing.

 AMN, Vol. 26, No.1, May, 2006  ISSN: 1074-2689