American Morris Newsletter

Volume 26, Number 2
August, 2006

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 AMN, Vol. 26, No. 2, August 2006  ISSN: 1074-2689

 None of this issue would have happened without the gracious forbearance of Laurie Cumming, co-editor extraordinaire.












The Abbots Bromley Horn Dance
The Abbots Bromley Horn Dance occurs on the Monday following the first Sunday following September 4th. That makes it, this year, on September 11th.Try and make it if you can!
Ethan Hay
To the Bells of the Cathedral
The Deer Creek Morris team celebrated the close of its 20th season with an invitation to dance after Sunday services at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. Read about their exploits...
Tony Barrand
Longsword Dancing in the DVRA
What resources does the Digital Video Resource Archive at Boston University have? Dr. Barrand describes the resources available online in the DVRA.
Juan Urbeltz
Basque Carnival, Sword Dances, and their Metaphors 
Learn about Basque sword dancing and its roots in Basque culture from a scholar of  the subject.


Andrew Bullen
EFDSS Examinations and Syllabi in the 1920s
Cecil Sharp's approach to the nascent EFDSS was to treat the subject in a scholarly manner, and approach the learning of Morris through examinations and syllabi.
Judy Stein and the St. Louis Morris Team


Invitation to the Dance
The Midwest Morris Ale will be held in St. Louis over the Memorial Day weekend this year. Learn more about their plans.


The Morris Team Directory
Hey! Add your team's information! Rich Holmes
Rich has developed an online team directory (and more) based on Wiki software. Have a look! This is a repeat from last issue, but we need your entry!

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