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American Morris Newsletter

Volume 25, Number 1
April, 2005

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Tony Barrand

The Digital Video Research Archive Collection of Morris, Sword, & Clog Dancing 
Tony Barrand's collection of films and videos of Morris, sword, and clog dancing has now all been digitized and made available online as streaming media.
Tony Barrand
The Marlboro Morris Ale at 30. Part I of III
Memorial Day weekend, 2005, will mark the 30th Marlboro Morris Ale held in Windham County, Vermont, the oldest American gathering of teams dancing some form of the Morris. Dr. Barrand explores the origins of the Ale in this, the first article of three.
Gordon Ashman
Border Morris: Roots & Revival
A transcript of Gordon Ashman's discussion of the origins and practices of Border Morris. This is, sadly, Mr.Ashman's last article, written before he passed away in 2003.
Kem Stewart
Childrens' Morris in the Boston Area
The future of American Morris and sword dancing is bright if the childrens' Morris scene in the Boston area is any indication.  
Varia Atque Brevia
~ The Influence of the Military on Morris Costume
~ England's Poor Laws & the Waltham Black Act
~ Britains' 60mm Morris Figures
The Editors
~ Letters, we've got letters!
~ Great photos and notable events
~ News from the rest of the Empire
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